07th November 2019

Finding Nature's Way

Sandy B Simmons is an International Author, Speaker, Naturopathic-Nutritionist, Fertility and Lactation Specialist, who also practices Biological Medicine. She is also the Creator and Director of Simply Better Health Co system of education and services.

“When women are pregnant they need nurturing because they are nurturing a bub that is growing.I don’t think society as a whole sees that as a precious gift or something worthwhile. That mindset needs to change.”

Sandy sees nature as an infinite well of nurturing for women and their babies. “I’ve always had this dream of putting together this place for women to come and birth in nature.”

Rather than the hospital, Sandy is passionate about parents considering birthing in the home — or in nature. “I just think it’s so beautiful for the child. They are birthing into a completely natural space.”

Sandy encourages healing through diverse holistic avenues. As an experienced professional she utilizes customized nutrition plans to resolve infertility issues and to promote breastfeeding.

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21st November 2018

Sandy B Simmons On Infertility

23rd October 2018

Talk Time with Sandy B Simmons

Sandy B. brings you back to nature, to nurture impending arrivals, during transition times and approaching departures. Simply Better is dedicated and passionate about getting you feeling great inside. She gets up every morning to get you feeling great inside, every moment of every day, so that you can inspire others to create Simply Better Health and together we make our world a happy place.