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An article published in the June 2014 Practical Parenting Magazine offers some great advice from Expert Sandy...

Here is a summary of the key topics and some of the questions asked, please see the full article which you can download, a link is provided at the bottom of the article. 

Supply & Demand - What does it actually mean?

Demand feeding does not mean the baby rules the roost so to speak, a better term is 'on cue' or 'baby-led' feeding. The more your baby breastfeeds the more milk your breasts produce. If bub suckles less frequently, milk production slows down.

Tip: "It's about being aware of and initiating breastfeeding as soon as your baby shows early signs of hunger, such as sucking a fist or beginning to cry"

By the Book - a book I read told me to follow a strict routine and my baby is screaming!

Breastmilk digests easily... formula takes longer. Breastfeeding on a strict time-based schedule has proved to reduce milk supply leading to an unhappy baby and mum.

Cluster Up! - My baby is a demon feeder... he doesn't seem satisfied and pulls on and off all the time!

Babies may bunch feeds close together, more often than not in the early evenings, causing already tired new mums angst and frustration.

Give it a boost - I have been told I have low supply, how do I boost my milk?

A technique called 'switch feeding' is the answer for this, the more you can stimulate the naturally occurring 'reflex let down', the more milk mums' body will produce.

Slow the Flow - I have heaps of milk, am I draining properly, when to change sides, is there a routine to help?

An abundant breastmilk supply can cause issues for mums and babies - oversupply means more susceptibility to blocked ducts and mastitis if the breast is not drained enough.


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