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WHY Pregnant Today?

‘Pregnant Today’ was born from a conscious standpoint, in support of parents-to-be and their families, to create new ways forward to nurture our planet and the next generation...


To bring together the best philosophies for healthy, happy, parents and babies at their most magnificent time of life.


To transform the way modern society perceives the miracle of life, enabling regeneration of vitality to humanity, to move beyond the health of the current status quo.


The Books

Pregnant is the middle book currently being composed by Sandy B. Simmons.

The first book on Preconception has been published and is available here.

The second book on Conception is currently being completed, ready for print.

Preconception and Conception both lead into the third book, being Pregnant, housing a new consciousness.

In this series of Simple Truths, there will be a fourth book on Birthing and a fifth on Lactation.