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Humanity's Infertility

The kingdoms of the world are slowly depleting, species are disappearing. Does that include humans too? 

Yes, whatever we think, we are a part of the animal kingdom AND you may well be asking yourself, why is nature behaving the way it is?  

Let's begin by looking at Mother Earth, she houses minerals and waters within her shell.  We humans are just smaller versions.  Working with rhythms as nature intended, life is sustained.

Allow The Process To Unfold

We all stop the process of much that goes on in our lives.  

Even with a simple cold, what do you do?  Do you stop, stay warm and take nourishing warm foods and drinks and rest?  

Most people will take something to stop their cold from progressing, so this is an example of stopping the process.  This just ‘houses’ the cold inside your body.  The cold has not been allowed to proceed, it’s now stuck.  The cold happened for a reason.  Your immune system went into action to remove the dis-ease and asked you to rest so that this process can be cleared quickly and easily.  It didn’t happen…

Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again

If you did this, would you expect a different result?

Do you know when you don’t feel ok?  Do you listen to your body?  It speaks to you in every single moment, feeding back information to let you know when it’s happy, humming along or not feeling so great.

Sign posts are all over our body, if only we could observe ourselves, we would see when we’re ‘not quite right’.

Do you STOP when your body asks you to?  Would you recover more quickly if you did?  OR do you soldier on and realise that there is nothing else to do but run on empty, thinking you have to do it all.

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Imagine you are standing with your left foot on your Mother’s right shoulder and your right foot on your Father’s left shoulder.

You feel in every cell of your body and you just know that you house within everything that has gone before in your lineage.

So why are you standing on their shoulders?  

To give you further vision than anyone that has gone before – is this evolution?

Of course, humanity moves forward in this way…

Nurturing The Next Generation

So how do we prepare for this journey of reproduction with both our mental and physical bodies?

Will it be unconscious or conscious?

Will we nurture the next generation to grow beyond or will we continue to compromise their mind and body, with unconscious patterns that have been passed on down the family tree?

Preparation in understanding ourselves first, then giving to ourselves the very best nurturing to produce our own birth-right of good health, is best to consider before the next generation of evolvement.


'Simple Truths ­ Being Prepared ­ A Practical Guide For Preconception'

"Do you ever stop to think about what life on planet earth is all about, how it is designed, why it manifests the way it does and what it means to be a human being? Do you ever wonder about your own replication and the reproduction of the next generation?"

"There are a multitude of reasons for preparing for conception as there are a multitude of ways you can be a parent. For example you could be a dynamic couple who conceive straight away or have difficulty conceiving, you could be adopting, you could be a same sex couple, a single parent or you may decide to have donor eggs and sperm... Everyone wants the same outcome to produce healthy offspring! To bring a new generation into being, free of the hereditary dogma of the past and participating in a vital future..."