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Wow, Sandy has moved hills and mountains to regain her vital health and has helped many a human move past the status quo’s perception that dis-ease is constant, normal and acceptable. "It’s humbling", says Sandy when people gain exceptional health way beyond their dreams.

Sandy has worked with Mums, babies and families for over 30 years. Her own life experiences, clinical practice, as well as studying Naturopathic-Nutritionist, Natural Fertility and Lactation, and armed with many ancillary modalities, has created a plethora of knowledge, allowing her to dig deep when working with humanity.

In today’s society, Sandy feels the empowerment of women and men in their sexual health is so very essential. It may appear in our modern time that society is more accepting of circumstances and unwelcome predicaments that humans happen to find themselves in, but as we know, this is often not the case.

Inspiration with mentoring and nurturing teenagers and parents in the practice of sexual health and etiquette is paramount. Having knowledge of one’s own body gives a deeper appreciation and a welcome freedom from anxiety, as the excitement of becoming an adult or parenthood approaches.

Pre-conception is becoming a very welcome part of Sandy’s practice. Following through with a healthier body aids conception ten-fold. At the most thrilling time in life, when anything is possible, sensitivity and grace in the area of fertility is eminent, especially regarding infertility, full-term, incomplete pregnancies and terminations.

Sandy works with fertility for humanity; practical etiquette; choices; bridging the generations; preparation for pregnancy; conscious conception; parenthood; nurturing your offspring and beyond...

Social conscience runs deep within Sandy, she also follows the business leaders who really walk their talk and who choose to give back where it is critically needed. Known for her inquiring mind, love of life and connection with like-minded souls, Sandy has come to fully appreciate the immense difficulty for millions in the world to both find and have life saving clean water, absolutely crucial for the survival of all life on earth.

AND... every time you connect with Pregnant Today, in any way, you give a Reproductive and Child Health Awareness Program to a woman in India, through our global giving intiative partner B1G1.