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  • Sandy has been a crucial key in my journey to pregnancy.

    Before reaching out to her, my husband and I tried almost everything for 5 years, plus I went through 2 miscarriages as well.

    Tired of injections, hormones, pills and doctor visits, I had almost given up. I was 43 and tired of poisoning my body.

    I told my husband the last thing I would try would be ‘going back to basics with natural healing, detox and good nutrients’.

    That's when we engaged Sandy as a coach: for 6 months we had monthly and bi-weekly video calls and learned about eating healthy food, cleaning our bodies, meditations, as well as cleaning and releasing exercises.

    My husband also succeeded a 10 day juice fast that totally changed him for the better. I didn’t get pregnant during that period but I believe our bodies were going through a process of detoxification.

    A few months after, I agreed with my husband requests to try IUI again (much less invasive than IVF) and we finally succeeded the first trial.

    I’m now 44, 26 weeks pregnant and enjoying every single moment of this pregnancy journey. Our first 3 months were mentally the hardest, because of the fear of miscarrying again however, physically it has been a piece of cake compared to many other Mums. Yes, I was feeling tired but I barely had any nausea and could continue to exercise, work and cook as usual.

    My belief is that if you have a strong, clean and healthy body, age doesn’t really matter.

    We are so grateful to Sandy, not only because we now have a miracle baby growing in my belly but also because we learned so much about healthy food and lifestyle habits.

    Since Sandy, my husband started to exercise regularly again, became vegetarian and has now been vegan for almost 3 months. He’s happy with his changes and we can’t wait for the baby to come for Christmas 2018.

    Barbara & James
  • Wonderful program that has granted us with knowledge and skills to understand natural remedies and positive changes are vital keys to unlock the doors and possibilities of conception.

    Sandy is an amazing person who has provided guidance through an incredibly supportive program which has enable us to increase our changes of conceiving a happy, grounded and healthy future family.

    Thank you for everything over the last 13 weeks.

    P & D Queensland
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