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  • "What Sandy did for me, 3 highly regarded lactation specialists in Sydney could not. She listened, she questioned, she analyzed and she consulted others in her field. She did not try to lump me into a box with a label and diagnosis and leave me with a prescription for drugs.

    I cried when I read her findings and all the research she had done for me - I have been breastfeeding for 9 months in pain. Every day. Every single breastfeed. Chronic pain in my nipples and breast.

    After ultrasounds, nipple swabs and even being told it must be a result of an autoimmune disease which I don't have...Sandy appeared and she gave me closure that put me at peace. She acknowledged my pain and showed love and empathy. She went beyond normal questioning and she investigated with such depth the details of my issue.

    It finally all made sense and she lifted the dark clouds lurking over my head every time I breastfed. No other lactation consultant showed love and compassion like Sandy - she genuinely cared for me and my baby. This alone alleviated so much pain - to have someone listen and love with no judgement and no agenda. She just wanted to heal.

    Sandy is a true healer, full of love and light."

    Bariaa, Sydney March 2020
  • My baby was 10 weeks old before we started to breastfeed successfully. Born at 36 weeks and weighing less than 2 kgs, she spent the first 2 weeks in the special care nursery where she was tube and bottle fed. We slowly introduced the breast however as the weeks went on, she slowly rejected the breast for the easier, faster flowing bottle.

    After an initial conversation with the hospital LC I tried a few new things however she continued to scream when offered the breast. Up until this point I was pumping after every feed and felt tired and deflated.

    Sandy was my last hope before having to switch to formula. Sandy's relaxed and positive nature gave me the reassurance I needed to continue to try and breastfeed. After 2 weeks my baby was exclusively breastfeeding thanks to Sandy's valuable advice, encouragement and daily check-ins.

    I am now able to enjoy more time with my baby and I could not be more thankful.

    Hayley, Melbourne March 2020
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