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We aim to reach far and wide... 

ON-line via - connect live or send a message to book a time

Women's Clinic in Carlton - call +61 3 9349 1704 to book  

Home Clinic in Croydon North - call 0402 051 553 to book

Home visits, Melbourne and Melbourne east/south-east - call 0402 051 553

Workshops / Seminars / Retreats - watch out for dates


Consultations - Naturopathic- Nutrition / Fertility / Lactation  

The initial consultation is a gathering of data. You can expect a comprehensive exploration of your current and past state of health, lifestyle, fertility, nutrition and many other aspects. Please bring along or email as much information, recent test results and all medications / natural remedies that you are already ingesting. The consultation will culminate with a discussion in regard to the avenues that will move you towards the end result you are looking for,  with a mutual agreement and plan to move forward.

When an individualized program is part of the plan, this will be compiled out-of-consultation time and explained during a second appointment.  With many complex situtations there is much to consider to create a program that best suits your needs.  Discussion at the second appointment is centered around your involvement and compliance, with time for questions and clarification.   An achievable program will be recommended for you to put into practice.  There is always room for negotiation...

Follow-­up consultations are the opportunity for you to discuss your progress, your achievements and mutual adjustments while receiving whatever is required from ‘my bag of tools’ to further enhance your end results.


How often are consultations?

How long is a piece of string? This is dependent on the complexity of your presenting issues, compliance, feedback and the continuing flow of communication. This will enable me to assist you with providing continued mentoring and guidance to achieve your end results. The plan will include a time­line for future appointments. Remember, there is always room for negotiation!



Covering all areas of digestive issues, giving support to regain and recover your vitality, from beginning to end of life.   A reminder that gut-mind health is the basis of our energy system.

All manner of gynaecological conditions to regain and enhance your fertility, such as painful and heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, amenorrhea, PMT.


Natural Fertility 

Contraception and Conception (educating you to know you from the inside out).

From menstrual issues, such as endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids, through to infertility and IVF support.



Most common is a one off consultation. Home visits available within Melbourne east / south­east.

Zoom and are available globally and excellent for quick access to get on top of a problem faster.

Each individual situation is assessed on its own merits. Complex issues may require follow­-up consultations.



One-­off Special time for you (support session), will give you a start in a new direction. "I am really stuck and I need some guidance" ­ a one off clarification for the particular situation.

30 and 90 day Mentoring programs are available - email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There is ongoing support as often as you require!  We're here to help you transform your health and life...